FIRE & STEAM: YOUNG INNOVATORS is a strand of the project rooted in the premise that, no matter your age or background, you can have a good idea that uses the latest technology to solve a problem in your locality or your community, in the same way that the 21-year-old William Molesworth utilised steam technology – the cutting edge technology of his time – in creating the local railway in the 1830s.

Tech innovator (& nephew of micro-electronics pioneer, Sir Clive Sinclair), Grant Sinclair, whose innovative designs have appeared recently on BBC television, has been working with Design Technology teacher Gerard McMahon and a group of 25 Year 10 students at Sir James Smith’s Community School in Camelford, to explore the use of the  latest digital and manufacturing technologies to identify and solve real-world problems, in this exciting project that runs to December 2020.

Grant Sinclair at Sir James Smith's School with teacher Gerard McMahon as part of the Young Innovators strand of FIRE & STEAM

Tech innovator, Grant Sinclair, left, pictured with Design technology teacher Gerard McMahon at the first YOUNG INNOVATORS project day at Sir James Smith’s Community School, October 2020

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