Thank you to our amazing professional artists, musicians & performers from across the region for 2018: 

Clare Summerson (Acrobat), Laura Drayson (Human Cannonball), Jill Hudson (Strongman), Daniel Miles (Elephant with Balloons), Reg Payn (Cycling Dodo), Caz Ryves (Dumbo joins the circus!), Toby Budd (Cycling Cinema), Higher Beings Circus (Stilt bikes, Trandem, Penny Farthings and aerial circus!) and Rimski & Handkerchief (Cycling Piano and Double Bassicle!)

Caz Ryves’ Flying Elephant! (Simon Stuart Miller Photography 2019)

Laura Drayson’s Human Cannonball! (James Pearce/Lexisplace)



Thanks ALSO to all PREVIOUS Bikelights artists for their inspiring work, SOME OF WHICH CAN BE SEEN HERE: